Hedgehog Onesie Kigurumi Pajamas Animal

There is a small animal. Usually, if you don’t disturb it, it’s comfortable, but when you touch it, it shrinks into a ball. The more you touch it, the tighter it shrinks, and finally shrinks into a big spike, making it impossible for you to start. Yes, this is a hedgehog.

The little hedgehog is the size of a leather ball, and it is covered with incomparably hard spines, brown and milky white. It is estimated that the milky white spines have only grown out soon. His belly is hairy, very different from his spiked back. The hedgehog has spikes on its back to protect its abdomen. When a hedgehog is in danger, it curls up and looks like a hedgehog. I have to say, this is cute! The little hedgehog’s face was also covered with fine hairs. There were two small pores in the hairs. When I looked closely, I found that there were still a pair of small eyes hidden deep in the small holes. They flickered and looked very clever. The little head of the hedgehog is hidden in hard thorns, the little red nose points forward, and the shell crystals of the two eyes are like black beans.

The hedgehog has a chubby body, short legs, and sharp claws. It is suitable for digging soil, and its long red mouth is easy to catch small insects. When people fell asleep, the hedgehog crawled out of the hole quietly, took advantage of the moonlight, rushed into the melon field, used its sharp teeth to bite off the melon handle, then rolled on the ground and pierced the hard thorns. Entering the melon skin, he slipped away with the melon on his back as soon as he turned over.

Hedgehog appears in many cartoons now. The most classic image is that the little hedgehog carries many apples with the thorns on his back, and then rolls into a small ball rolling around in the forest. Of course there are other cartoons, such as Sonic the Hedgehog.

“Sonic the Hedgehog” is a signature game of SEGA. The protagonist Sonic is a small blue hedgehog. He has supersonic speed and is always running to protect his animal friends.

There are two ways to play a hedgehog. One is to raise a small hedgehog, but this is too much trouble. Another way is to have a hedgehog kigurumi Onesie pajamas! The pajamas are simple and cute, and more importantly, you can feel the cute hedgehog by your side. If parents and children wear this hedgehog pajamas, you will become the cutest hedgehog family!

Hurry up and have a cute hedgehog one-piece pajamas. In addition, if you want to imitate other small animals, you can find other animal one-piece pajamas, and then have an animal pajama party at home! good luck!

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