Rolex Diamonds Watch – Datejust 116243-63603

In the history of the Rolex watches, Datejust watches play an important role all the time. Both from the aspects of timeless aesthetic elements or excellent function, Datejust is the model of classic wrist watches. Different types of Rolex Datejust watches after years of baptism still retain the original aesthetic elements. The traditional watch design has become one of the most famous watches in the history of clocks and watches with the highest recorgnization. If you are going to start with the first piece of senior watches in your life, so you can choose a Rolex watch of the Datejust series, absolutely it won’t let you down.

For the Rolex Datejust 116243-63603 watch, it applies the classic Datejust model design, made by the 18K everrose gold and diamonds and its Cyclopslens can magnify the calendar display for 2.5 times to make it easily to be read. It is not only one big characteristic of Rolex watches, and easy to be recognized. The strap line of the watch is fluent, and the comfortable memorial strap also consists of five rows of metal links. This strap was specially designed for the oyster perpetual datejust watch in 1945, which was matched with the hidden crown buckle. Rolex 18 k everrose gold is called “eternal rose gold”, because it added a certain proportion of platinum material in its ordinary rose gold, to let the everrose gold maintain the bright color and luster, and the watch case of the watch is also applying the classic oyster type case design, to be waterproof and durable. The present quotation is 142,500 RMB

The watch now wearing on your wrist is not only a tool to read time, but also an embodiment of a kind of taste and self-cultivate. If your rolex appears to scratch on the watch strap, it will be the existence of the most intolerable for those person who pursue perfect.

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