Replica Panerai Watches

Although radioactive elements will bring harm to the body, radium is used as the watch dial illumination material has lasted for more than 40 years, until the 1960s when new materials appeared. Now many watch brands no longer use the radioactive element radium, but in order to reflect the smell of restoring ancient ways, the designer will do old treatment on the luminous material, so you can see some watches appear yellow luminous effect.

In 1949, another important luminous technology Luminor of the Panerai also applied for a patent, whose content was the use of another kind of radioactive material tritium as a luminescent material. This kind of technology is safer, but still has time limit. Radium and tritium both belong to spontaneous type light luminous material, and do not need to absorb energy from outside, which can sustainably give out light. The half-life of the Tritium is of 12.5 years, that is to say, the useful life of the noctilucence produced by the tritium is about more than ten years. After more than a decade, tritium is ageing, turning yellow and gradually lost the luminous effect.

Currently so many wrist watches choose those material that have longer afterglow, more like the current mainstream of Super – LumiNova, which can continue to give out eight hours of green light after receiving just 30 minutes of exposure. This kind of material appeared in the 1980s, and its the main component is strontium aluminate salts, after adding the rare earths dysprosium, as long as the light irradiation for a few minutes, it can persist giving out light for several hours.

Among all the panerai replica watches, there are Swiss Panerai Luminor Marina, Swiss Panerai Luminor and Swiss Panerai Luminor 1950 replica watches which featuring fluorescent material and will offer you good readability when reading the time at the poor dark environment.

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