Classic Fusion – Hublot Watch of Osmium Material

For this Hublot tourbillon watch, it belongs to the Classic Fusion Series, and the biggest difference of the Classic Fusion and the Big Bang is that the former is Unibody but the latter is sandwiches sandwich. After seeing the massive modeling of the Big Bang watch for a long time, you will feel that Hublot can be so slim and elegant when there appears a shiny classical fusion watch suddenly. The watch case was applying the black ceramic material, and watch surface dealt with polish treatment to be round and smooth; the watch bezel also used the same black ceramic material, but the surface with the method of the drawing polished, which is a kind of my favorite and most flattering way of ceramic processing, both feature the metal texture, and don’t have to worry about scratches, but also can add radiance and beauty to each other with the 6 H-type titanium screws.

It is carrying the HUB6017 Hublot homemade manual winding hollow-out Tourbillon movement, totally equipping with 251 parts and having 5 days power reserve and 19 gems bearings. This movement is also called one of the world’s most thinnest and longest power tourbillon movement. The hollow-out movement style of the Hublot is extremely fashionable, and it is also applying the drawing polishing with tough and simple lines to create very strong sense of science and technology. On the movement there also build over 15 visible panes, and the precious osmium crystal within those panes is sending out the coldly gorgeous light that is dazzling several times than the diamond, not only is good-looking in the front, but also without the interference of the tourbillon in the back, and it will appear more bright.

Ceramic into aluminum is the relatively new material of Hublot, whose surface is dealt with Micro arc and has strong hardness and corrosion resistance but the weight is only a half of those normal ceramic.

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