Appreciation on the Watches Worn by the Political Leader in Different Countries

Character: Wales Williams – duke of Cambridge
The watch he worn: Omega Seamaster professional watch about $3,000.
Comment: Keep good boy image, he got married with Kate Middleton, named royal baby George Alexander Louis and as well as the third generation of the royal heir, the old prince appears to be wearing his right watch on his wrist to doing the right thing on time.

Character: Nawaz sharif, Pakistan’s prime minister
The watch he worn: Harry Winston Premier series Eccentric GMT watch about $30,500.
Comment: We don’t like his political, but we definitely like the tastes on his watch. After won the election, he won our taste for Harry Winston watches.

Character: Barack Obama – the current President of the United States
The watch he worn: Jorg Gray JG6500 about $350
Comment: We admire the incumbent President of the United States. He is friendly and for the maintenance of world peace he has the wonderful and innovative new ideas, his choice of wrist watch says a lot about his focus of the world, rather than his wrist.

Character: Ariel Sharon – Retired general and former Israeli prime minister
The watch he worn: Breitling Navitimer watch about $3,200
Comment: This Breitling Navitimer watch expressed a lot of working method of this Israeli General and the reason why he became the Israel’s prime minister.

Yes, in addition to the watches worn by the political leaders mentioned above, the Rolex also is a popular choice among the political leaders, such as Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton worn Rolex Datejust whose price is of $2,7000 and Nicolas Sarkozy worn the Rolex Daytona white dial watch whose price is about $37,000. And if you also want to have the same watch mode but cannot afford buying the genuine one, the replica Rolex will be your consideration, and you will have a great deal when buying the replica Rolex Datejust.

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